The Fantastic Theory (English Subtitles)

From its inception, the concept of evolution has been a controversial and discussed topic. This idea, considered today as a theory, is accepted by the majority of the population. But, can it be trusted as a true theory? This documentary answers this question as it travels through the history of the theory of the evolution, starting from the birth of the idea until the present state of the theory (with the numerous hypotheses being postulated trying to find a solution to this great enigma). All of this without forgetting to give some of the many scientific arguments against this ancient belief.

For more information about the documentary visit www.thefantastictheory.com

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Sparks Fly Upward 

In a remote, yet dazzling landscape, a temperamental hiker tormented by the past , has the perfect scheme set in place against his friend; until a mysterious stranger comes along with a plan of his own.

For more information about the movie click HERE. Alternatively you can watch the full movie in our channel.

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Do Muslims have a right to claim Jerusalem?
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For over 1,000 years Jerusalem has been under one or another Muslim regime. So it's not surprising that many of Allah's followers claim this city back. But what do the Qur'an and Islam have to say about it? And how have do Muslims love this city?

Jerusalem and the Messiah
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This short but cinematic video of Jerusalem reminds us where

the messiah walked and where he will come to rule once and 

for all.

The Challenge
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A short cinematic video with Billy Graham's voice that reminds us of the struggles of the Christian life.